Swirl Pies

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Peanut Butter Cup

Oreo crust with a guilty fudge layer, homemade peanut butter sauce, country vanilla and peanut butter frozen yogurt. Mixed with crushed peanut butter cups, and topped with whip cream, mini peanut butter cups, chocolate and peanut butter drizzle.

Raspberry Cheesecake

Graham crust, No Sugar Added Cheesecake (NSA) frozen yogurt, mixed with a raspberry swirl, topped with whip cream, graham, mini yogurt and chocolate chips, raspberry and white chocolate drizzle.

Oreo Blast

Oreo crust with a gooey fudge layer, cookies & cream mixed with vanilla frozen yogurt, crushed Oreo mixed throughout, and topped with whip cream, chocolate drizzle, and Oreos.

Birthday Cake Suprise

Oreo crust with a gooey fudge layer, our swirler's favorite cake batter frozen yogurt, mixed with rainbow sprinkles and topped with whip cream, chocolate drizzle, and rainbow sprinkles.

Make Your Own!!!

Choose your flavors, your crust, your toppings, and swirl it yo way right into  pie and into your home!

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